M. L. Steiner Communications (MLSC) makes things easy for you.

MLSC will prepare a unique internet presence for your firm using state-of-the-art technology and software. Our simple objectives: to provide your organization with valuable tools and provide your firm with an immediate and powerful corporate presence on the internet, and facilities to communicate with your present and future customers with immediate and inexpensive electronic processes.

MLSC optimizes every web page design package for visual impact, speed and ease of navigation. With our proven experience and techniques, we connect you to major information "search engines". Internet users are familiar with "searches" and locate information by interactively scanning these databases for websites containing "keywords" and information they need. They will see an impressive corporate profile which attract them to your organization thus guaranteeing you exposure domestically, internationally and the world at large.

M. L. Steiner Communications, your link to global business !

web pages with up to 3 graphics
$75 CDN per page

Business Package
4 web pages with up to 8 graphics
$295 CDN

Corporate Package
8 web pages with up to 20 graphics
$595 CDN

Custom Design
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We’ll show you how to tap new global markets and place you prominently on the electronic autobahn!

Pricing for each project and payment terms are clearly defined and all work mutually agreed to ahead of time. Costs are subject to the extent and type of work required for your company's internet presence. Maintenance can be as extensive as you deem necessary, including maintaining links, adding or changing graphics, or updating textual information.

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