Frequently Asked Questions

Q I advertise in magazines, exhibit at trade shows and give away corporate promotional items to increase my client base and market share, why would I need to use the internet ??
A Advertising in magazines and trade shows is expensive and relatively short lived. We provide services to help you effectively market your products and/or services to reach a worldwide audience for a much longer period of time and at a fraction of the costs associated with other types of advertising. Let us show you how MLSC can accomplish this task easily. MLSC will take care of everything for you.
Q I know my business inside out and what types of advertising works for me now. I don't know much about the internet and I'm not that convinced that I need it! Why should I take this step ?
A This is normal. Most people resist change. Look around you and at your marketplace.... have your competitors noticed something going on that you haven't yet ? The world is quickly changing around you and adopting electronic methodology. For example, just a few years ago, almost nobody had heard of a banking machine or a debit card, and now they are everywhere and it is getting very difficult to find a bank with human tellers in it. Also recent surveys, have shown that nearly 40% of homes and 98% of businesses in North America have computers and of those 50% are using the internet. That roughly means that you are probably not marketing to many millions of potential clients.
Q My business is suffering due to the market conditions, I just can't afford the added expense of an Internet WEB site! Why should I ?
A This is common false economy. Think a bit more about increasing revenues and how that is accomplished. Business people know that in order to make a profit, you must first invest. Big corporations are getting larger at the expense of small and medium size companies. Why ? because they use their resources to convince prospective clients that change and growth is necessary and thereby create a monopoly with their products or services. Fight back !!! The internet is an affordable tool that you can use which is anonymous. MLSC can make a web site that portrays your company in the best possible way showing the viewer a large and sophisticated organization, whether or not you are in reality. You can use this tool to promote your products and services and with effective and timely information updates and get increased customer satisfaction while reducing the load on customer service representatives.
Q Is it expensive to set up a corporate web site?
A NOT AT ALL!!!! MLSC provides complete packages of Internet Services tailored to your needs. There is no need to pay for services or extras you don't really need. MLSC can set up a corporate internet site for as low as $250 and can arrange telephone dial-up connections for you, if you don’t already have an internet service provider.
Q What kind of services does M. L. Steiner Communications provide ?
A MLSC provides all the services you will need for an Internet site that will reflect a high corporate profile, and at very affordable prices.
  • register your company name (additional cost) with the proper authorities.

  • host your web site on a full featured, fast internet server.

  • author the web pages with the information you supply.

  • scan photos, images and text to display on your web pages as well as streaming Audio & Video clips with Real Media G2 encoding.

  • create any additional graphic images necessary to make your web site interesting and informative and easy to navigate.

  • create logos and graphical images, advertising banners and animations.

  • perform maintenance to update text and images and links to other web sites.

  • arrange dial-up internet services with reliable and affordable providers.

  • setup email addresses

  • perform updates on the website, so you are free to do what you do best, manage your company

Q Who uses the Internet anyway ?
A Millions of men, women and children from all walks of life and professions and public status use the internet daily to find information for business and recreational purposes. Recent figures show that approximately 40 million people worldwide are now regularly using the internet and this number is growing quickly.
Q How can I be sure anyone using the internet will be able to reach my web site without knowing my site address or domain name ?
A People commonly use an internet feature called "search engines", and are interactive databases which catalogue internet web pages and include specific "keywords" as well as "page titles" and "page descriptions". We will register your site on major and commonly used internet "search engines" to make your web site easy to find.

MLSC will show you how you can tap new markets and place your company into the information age!

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