A good portion of making a unique statement on the internet is bringing part of you or your business to your web site. There is no better way to accomplish that goal than with a fast loading functional website which is easy to navigate and keeps your visitors coming back for more!

We have all that is required to create eye catching graphics and put them stratigically on your web site. We can also use photographs you already have and scan them into our computer for use at your site.

MLSC's graphics specialist can also custom design a unique graphic or logo for you, or you may send us a logo ready to be scanned and we will include it on your pages.

MLSC can create all sorts of custom graphics including page backgrounds, logo designs, GIF's, JPEG's and animated GIF's.

We can convert audio and video tapes to state-of-the-art streaming media using G2 technology from Real Networks.

Visitors can experience interactive multimedia access to your site with online forms, JavaScript, Java applets, and CGI programming.

MLSC will make it happen, for you!

Contact us to find out more!